1. The Iowa One Card is the official University of Iowa identification card and is used to access many services.  It should be carried at all times while on campus and at campus-sponsored events.
  1. The Iowa One Card is the property of the University of Iowa.  It is not transferable and should never be loaned to anyone at any time.  It must be presented or surrendered upon demand by the University.
  1. Cardholders are responsible for all card use, including financial responsibility for purchases made with the Iowa One Card.
  1. If a card is lost or stolen it should be reported immediately at idcard.uiowa.edu/contact
  1. A $35 fee will be charged to replace cards that are lost/stolen or damaged due to misuse or neglect.  
    NEVER punch a hole in the Iowa One Card, there will be a $35 charge to replace cards damaged in this manner.
  1.  ID photos are stored electronically for identification and security purposes. Photos are available to instructors for use on class rosters, seating charts, and other academic purposes.
  1. Unauthorized or misuse of the Iowa One Card may result in surrender of the card and/or disciplinary action brought under the Student Code of Conduct and/or through outside legal authorities.
  1. Willful misrepresentation to obtain an Iowa One Card, or alteration of an Iowa One Card, may result in disciplinary action. Charges may be brought under the University of Iowa Student Code of Conduct and/or through outside legal authorities.
  1. Iowa One Cards remain active as long as you are enrolled or employed with the University.  When your enrollment or employment ends, your Iowa One Card privileges will no longer be active.
  1. Terms and Conditions of the Iowa One Card Agreement are administered by University ID Card Programs and are subject to change without prior notice.  The most current version of these Terms and Conditions may be found on the Iowa One Card website at idcard.uiowa.edu
Continued use of the Iowa One Card certifies your acceptance of the Terms & Conditions.