Individuals who have a work, educational, or volunteer assignment in the UI Hospitals and Clinics are required to wear a UI Health Care photo identification badge while on duty. 

Obtaining a UI Health Care Badge

A Photo Identification Badge Request Form is required every time a new UI Health Care Badge is requested.  Individuals must bring the badge request form to the UI Health Care Badge Center and it must be completed and signed by the appropriate departmental or collegiate representative. 

Individuals receive their first card free of charge, subsequent cards may incur a replacement fee depending on the reason for the replacement.

Contact your departmental HR representative to obtain this form. (Form expires 30 days after issue date.)


Every person issued a UI Health Care Badge will be photographed for their first card.

Occasionally we require an individual to have their photo retaken if they need a replacement card. Reasons for requiring a new photo include, but are not limited to:

  • Two (2) or more years have passed since the last photo was captured
  • Individual's appearance is different than the current photo
  • Quality of the current photo does not meet UI Health Care Badge photo standards

UI Health Care Badge Photo Standards

  • Photos must be an unobstructed, front view of the full face that is a representation of the true appearance of the card holder.
  • No facial or hand gestures or foreign objects are to be included in the photo.
  • Hats, sunglasses, bandannas, and any other clothing that might obstruct the view of the face may not be worn.
  • All head wear must be removed, unless worn for valid religious or medical reasons.
  • No picture retakes are allowed unless the picture is unusable due to closed eyes or other unforeseen problem.