Did you find your ID card?

If you reported your current ID card as lost or stolen, you must come into an ID Card office to reactivate it. Please bring your current ID card and an approved government issued photo ID. When a replacement card is issued, the previous card is automatically terminated and becomes a "dead card". Dead cards cannot be reactivated. 


Did you find someone else’s ID card?

Please return it to one of our offices. When a card is turned in to us, we will notify the cardholder through their University email address. The sooner a card reaches our office, the better chance we have of getting the ID card back to the cardholder before they incur a replacement fee.

Iowa One Card


UI Health Care Photo ID Badge

Please return all found ID cards to the Iowa One Card Center on the ground floor of Jessup Hall.


Please return all found badges to the UI Health Care Badge Center near Elevator B in the General Hospital.




You can also send through the mail:

Iowa One Card Center


UI Health Care Badge Center

5 West Jefferson Street


200 Hawkins Drive

Room 3 Jessup Hall


C110 General Hospital

Iowa City, IA  52242


Iowa City, IA  52242