Do not punch a hole in your ID card. It is a smart card with a chip. A puncture will cause deactivation of the card.

Cards that are cared for properly, should last for several years.  You should exercise the same care for your Iowa One Card/UI Health Care Badge as you would a credit or debit card.

Damaged Card

Cards that have been damaged through "normal wear and tear" will be replaced at no charge if the damaged card is surrendered at time of replacement. Damage from normal wear and tear includes damage caused by swiping the card through card reader devices.  Examples of this type of damage include:

  • Horizontal wear on the magnetic stripe
  • Horizontal breakage of the card along the magnetic stripe

​Improper Use/Care

A replacement fee will be charged for cards that have become damaged due to misuse or improper care.  Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Vertical/horizontal gouges or scratches on magnetic stripe
  • Vertical wear on the magnetic stripe
  • Bent or curling cards
  • Vertical break of card or ragged vertical/horizontal break
  • Abnormal marks including teeth marks
  • Equipment damage (such as from a washer or dryer)

Do not:

  • Punch a hole in the ID card
  • Put a magnet next to your card
  • Bend your card
  • Use your card as an ice scraper
  • Put scratches in the magnetic stripe(s)
  • Place your card next to a wireless charger or contactless payment reader

​Cards replaced for any of the above reasons will result in a replacement fee which will be payroll deducted for employees, students will have the charge added to their U-Bill.