Charging Purchases On Campus

Currently enrolled students who are 18 years and older are automatically granted the ability to make purchases on campus using their Iowa One Card/UI Health Care Badge.  Charges will be billed on the U-Bill, and must be paid in full in the month they are billed.  Non-payment of charges will result in restriction of charging privileges and restriction of registration for future classes.

Employees with non-student job classifications are not automatically given the ability to charge.  See the policy on Employee Charging and Payroll Deduction for additional details.

Retiree Charging Policy​

Retirees and Emeritus Faculty may continue to use their existing Iowa One Card for charging and library privileges as well as faculty/staff discounts where applicable. UIHC retired staff may obtain a Faculty/Staff Iowa One Card at either of our office locations, after turning in their UIHC Badge.  Any charges made will appear on the U-Bill and must be paid in the month billed.   

Under 18 Charging Policy

Students under the age of 18 are not given charging privileges without parental/guardian consent. If you will not be 18 when the semester starts, please have a parent/guardian complete and sign the PDF icon Under 18 Charging Request Form and submit it to the Iowa One Card Center.  Please allow 1-2 business days for processing and for charging privileges to be turned on.

Financial Delinquency Policy


The ability to charge will be revoked if the student's U-Bill account has a past due balance, or if the account has been placed in collection.


In the event that the total miscellaneous charges exceeds the amount earned in any given pay period, charging privileges may be revoked until the outstanding balance is paid in full. Any unpaid balance will be deducted from the next paycheck.

Two or more instances of failed or reduced payroll deduction may result in permanent revocation of charging privileges. The University reserves the right to collect any unpaid balance from future paychecks until the debt is satisfied.

Termination of employment does not relieve an individual from financial responsibility of charges incurred while actively employed.  In the event that charges do not get automatically deducted from the final paycheck, the individual will be held responsible for paying the outstanding balance by the next U-Bill due date.