• Protect your ID as you would a credit or debit card- don’t leave home without it.
  • Don’t loan your card to anyone- you are responsible for all usage of the card.
  • If you misplace your card, immediately report it as lost or stolen.
  • There is a fee to replace a lost/stolen card, name change or one that is damaged to misuse or neglect.
  • Don’t punch a hole in your card or place next to magnet- you will be charged a fee to replace it.
  • When a replacement card is issued, the old card is automatically deactivated, making it a dead card. Cards that have been replaced can’t be reactivated.

    If you lose your most recent card, but find an older card issued prior to the most recent card, we cannot reactivate the dead card.  We will have to issue you a new card and it will be classified as a lost/stolen replacement and therefore will be subject to the standard replacement fee.

  • Your ID card has no expiration date- it will be active as long as you are enrolled or employed by the University.