Submit the Perfect ID Card Photo

Requirements for photos and examples of photos that would be accepted vs. rejected.  

Photo Requirements ACCEPT REJECT
  1. Use a smooth, solid white, off-white or light gray background.
  • Background should be plain with no patterns, objects, textures, other people, etc.
  • No paneled doors, trees, bricks, car interiors, wood, etc.
Use a plain, smooth white / off-white / light gray background
No car selfies or other objects in the background
  1. Leave space around the sides of your face and above your head in photo.
  • Don’t crop the top of your head or hair out of the frame.
  • Your photo should look like a passport photo.
Do make sure there is white space above your head and around your face
Don't zoom in too much or cut off the top of your head/hair
  1. Shoulders and face must squarely face the camera.
  • Your head must not be tilted or turned to one side or shown in profile.
  • Don't tilt or turn one of your shoulders toward the camera.
Face and shoulders must squarely face the camera
Do not tilt or turn head or shoulders
  1. Adjust your hair and clothing so that your entire face is visible.
  • No hats, head coverings, sunglasses, hands or other objects that obscure your face.
  • Your full face and hairline must be visible 
Hair should not obscure facial features or eyes
Hair obscuring face
  1. Use lighting that highlights both sides of your face equally.
  • Take your picture where there is good lighting, or use the flash when necessary. 
  • Avoid lighting that casts a shadow around your eyes or one side of your face.
  • Your glasses should not show any reflection.
Use good lighting, face should be brightly lit but not overexposed
Lighting should not cause shadowing of eyes or side of face

Here are a few more REJECT examples:

No hats or other headcoverings
No yearbook or senior photos
No distracting or patterned backgrounds
No glare on glasses
No filters
Recommend no tube tops or tops with spaghetti straps