Definition: Miscellaneous charges can be divided into two distinct categories voluntary and non-voluntary. 

Voluntary Charges are purchases that are made at on-campus and UIHC merchant locations and are most commonly initiated through the use of an Iowa One® ID Card or a UIHC ID Badge. 

A few examples of voluntary charges include:

  • Purchases made at the Iowa Hawk Shop
  • Purchase of food in the UIHC cafeterias
  • Purchases of prescriptions from the Ambulatory Care Pharmacy

Non-Voluntary Charges are charges that are sent to the U-Bill as a result of a fine, fee, or similar circumstance. 

Examples of non-voluntary charges include:

  • Library fines
  • Parking violations

(voluntary charges + non-voluntary charges = miscellaneous charges)

(Please note that Tuition and Fees are excluded from this policy and will not be automatically deducted.)