Damaged card: Bring ID card to the ID Card office to test functionality.

Lost or stolen card: Report loss immediately so access can be suspended. Let us know what type of ID is missing.

Replacement card: Go to the ID Card office for a card replacement. You may need an approved government photo ID and/or additional request form. There might be a replacement fee assessed. For more specific information, let us know what kind of ID needs to be replaced:

Card not working: Bring your ID to the ID Card office or let us know what your card is not working for by submitting a Help Ticket. Please provide detailed information about your problem. Is there a specific door that is no longer opening? Are you have a problem charging at a location on campus?

Student Charging: Questions about your ability to charge with your ID? Take a look at the ID Card Charging policy. Check your U-Bill Alerts & Messages for charging restriction.

Staff Charging: All University of Iowa employees in non-student job classifications, including those working within the UI Hospitals and Clinics, MUST opt-in for payroll deduction to be given ID card charging privileges. Check your U-Bill Alerts & Messages for charging restriction.

Name Change: Former and current University of Iowa students may change their Official Student name by completing the Online Name Change Form and submitting to the Office of the Registrar.  If you are an employee, you may complete your name change via the HR Self-Service website. Once your name change is complete, you can get a new ID with your updated name. Replacement fee will be assessed for IDs printed due to a name change.