All University of Iowa employees in non-student job classifications, including those working within the UI Hospitals and Clinics, MUST opt-in for payroll deduction to be given ID card charging privileges.  This election can be made by using the Charging and Payroll Deduction link in the Payroll section of Employee Self Service.

Employees retain the right to opt-out of the Charging and Payroll Deduction agreement at any time; however this does not prevent the deduction of charges incurred while opted-in, from the employee’s future paychecks.

How to Opt-In

Timing of Deductions

Employees are financially responsible for all charges made with their ID card, regardless of their current employment status.  In the event that the total miscellaneous charges exceeds the amount earned in any given pay period, charging privileges may be deactivated until the outstanding balance is paid in full. Two or more instances of failed or reduced payroll deduction may result in permanent revocation of charging privileges. The University reserves the right to collect any unpaid balance from future paychecks until the debt is satisfied.

Termination of employment does not relieve an individual from financial responsibility of charges incurred while actively employed.  In the event that charges do not get automatically deducted from the final paycheck, the individual will be held responsible for paying the outstanding balance by the next U-Bill due date.